Magnesium FORTE gel 150ml

Magnesium FORTE gel 150ml
Targeted application of magnesium for fast and efficient absorption through the skin
14,99 €

Gel with 35% MgCl2 for fast and targeted application of magnesium

For a relaxing massage or sports massage after intense physical activity.

Gel with a high concentration of magnesium chloride for fast and efficient absorption through the skin.

Magnesium is one of the most important micronutrients and participates in many processes in the body. Insufficient magnesium intake is manifested by symptoms such as muscle tension and cramps, fatigue, headache. In conditions such as pregnancy, growth, stress, or increased physical activity, the need for magnesium is increased. There is an advantage of magnesium supplementation through the skin over application in the form of tablets, capsules or effervescent tablets because it bypasses the digestive system, and absorption is faster and more efficient.

Magnesium FORTE gel contains the highest concentration of Zechstein® magnesium chloride on the market, as much as 35%. For 250 million years, the original Zechstein® magnesium salt has been protected deep in the seabed of Zechstein at a depth of 1,600-2,000 meters below the earth's crust, isolated from the impurities of the modern world. Magnesium FORTE gel contains ingredients that are naturally found in the deep underground deposits of this intact source.

No preservatives or additives. With the addition of peppermint oil.

Natural active ingredients

  • Magnezij
  • Mentha


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