Repairing after sun milk 200ml

Repairing after sun milk 200ml
Quickly recovers dry skin after sunbathing, with ectoine
10,99 €

Restores, soothes and hydrates dry and irritated skin after sun exposure

Quickly recovers the skin, helping it to retain a tan for longer.

Ectoine is powerful natural molecule isolated from extremophiles. Extremophiles are organisms that survive in extreme living conditions (very high temperature and high salinity). In vivo studies have shown that ectoine repairs skin cells damaged by UV radiation and protects against premature aging.

Organic olive and avocado oils nourish the skin and help it retain moisture.

The pleasant cooling feeling of peppermint is refreshing after staying in the sun.

Pleasant texture allows easy smudging and instant absorption. Suitable for all skin types. For children and adults.

Natural active ingredients

  • Ektoin
  • Avocado
  • Maslina
  • Almond
  • Mentha


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