Beta Glukan DUO + Aromatic balm GRATIS

Beta Glukan DUO + Aromatic balm GRATIS
Promo packaging for immunity, Aromatic chest balm with pine and lavender for FREE

180,68 kn
SAVING: 75,27 kn

Promotional DUO package of Beta Glucan with Aromatic inhaler for FREE (savings 39,90kn)

Beta Glukan is a liquid dietary supplement with beta-glucan, zinc and vitamin C, ideal for the immunity of children and adults.

Beta- (1,3 / 1,6) -D-glucan is a highly purified natural ingredient, obtained from yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae). It has been intensively researched for decades, and several studies have proven its strong positive effect on the immune system.

Beta Glucan can be taken by children from the age of 1. It is recommended preventively, during the duration of the infection and also after the disease for faster recovery of the exhausted organism. It is allowed to be taken continuously throughout the year.

Simplicity and convenience of giving to the child:

  • Beta Glucan does not contain artificial flavors. Apple juice and orange essential oil give a fruity taste that kids adore.
  • It is taken only once a day, at any time of the day.
  • A dosing cup, adapted for children, is included with the bottle.

Read more about Beta Glucan by clicking on this one link.

Aromatic balm for chest balm contains 100% organic essential oils of white pine and real lavender.

Recommended for children older than 6 months and adults. It is applied to the chest and back, especially before bedtime. Thanks to shea butter and cottonseed oil, Aromatic Balm has a creamy texture. It spreads easily and absorbs quickly.

0% menthol, camphor, eucalyptus oil and vaseline. 100% natural composition, no preservatives.

Read more about Aromatic Balm by clicking on this one link.


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