100% Multivitamin 200ml

Sadrži 100% 12 vitamina, željeza i cinka, samo jednom dnevno, za djecu i odrasle
89,90 kn
76,42 kn
  • -15%

Beta Glukan DUO + Aromatic inhaler GRATIS

Immunity promotional packaging, Aromatic inhaler for easier breathing FREE OF CHARGE
159,80 kn

Beta Glukan DUO + Aromatic balm GRATIS

Promo packaging for immunity, Aromatic chest balm with pine and lavender for FREE
159,80 kn

SET-Emulsion and Fluid for very dry skin prone to atopy

Affordable care and washing set for atopic dermatitis
179,90 kn
134,93 kn
  • -25%

Apetit Forte syrup 200ml

It stimulates appetite and facilitates digestibility, for children and adults
63,90 kn
51,12 kn
  • -20%

Scar removal cream 35ml

An effective natural cream makes the scars discreet, reduces redness and itching
159,90 kn
119,93 kn
  • -25%

Nourishing butter for dry skin 150ml

Deep nourishes and moisturizes dry and dandruff skin, perfect for pregnancy care
84,90 kn
67,92 kn
  • -20%

Hand sanitizing gel 100ml

Kills 99.9% of microorganisms on the hands, without drying the hands
27,90 kn
16,74 kn
  • -40%

Universal disinfectant spray DUO 150ml+150ml

Kills 99.9% of microorganisms on all surfaces, economical DUO packaging
59,80 kn
47,84 kn
  • -20%

Hand sanitizing gel 300ml

Large pack with pump; for household, workplace, public facility
59,90 kn
44,93 kn
  • -25%

Medna Rosa PLUS 10ml

Skin tag and wart removal fluid
87,90 kn
79,11 kn
  • -10%
  • NEW

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