Our story

Our story began way back in 1996 with the realization of my mom's long-standing dream of translating her knowledge of medicinal plants, which she had diligently acquired over the years, into health and beauty products. The small business has been trying to find its place under the sun, spreading its voice about high quality and effective Biovitalis® products, created with the highest quality natural essences and much love.

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Master of Pharmacy Ivana develops products with a lot of love and attention

After graduation, with great enthusiasm, I became part of the Biovitalis® family. To me, just like my mom, the uncompromising quality of our products has always come first. I continued to develop innovative health and beauty products, incorporating into each one only the best of nature. As a pharmacist, the conditions in which our products originate are particularly important to me, so Biovitalis® is a proud owner of certificates that guarantee the quality and safety of our products. Lovely and carefully crafted, rich in natural composition - only such products are good enough for you.

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The small family business is successfully managed by spouses Ivana and Stjepan

Today, Biovitalis® is a small family-owned company that I run with my husband, and thanks to our children, we do not lack inspiration and enthusiasm. We will strive to develop Biovitalis® to become a recognized brand of health and beauty products that we proudly manufacture in Croatia.

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The company's employees are of the highest value

Biovitalis Nasa prica 03

The modern factory, built in 2019, has certificates that guarantee the quality and safety of the products

Thank You for being part of our story!

Ivana Zagorec Kolednjak, mag. pharm.
CEO and owner of Biovitalis®

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