Medna Rosa PLUS 10ml

Medna Rosa PLUS 10ml
Skin tag and wart removal fluid
11,99 €

Removes growths painlessly and effectively

Easy and precise application with a roll-on applicator, for 100% safe and efficient application

Improved formulation with as much as 20% willow bark extract, which naturally contains a high proportion of salicylic acid. A combination of natural extracts of willow, lemon, calendula and oak with apple cider vinegar. The liquid dries the coated area and helps remove unwanted growths. The bottle with a roll-on applicator enables precise and direct application to the growth. Thanks to its practical size, the bottle fits in a pocket or purse and is within easy reach for use several times during the day.

The addition of natural coconut extract gives a pleasant scent to the liquid.

For children, pregnant women and adults.

Natural active ingredients

  • Vrba
  • Limun
  • Marigold
  • Oak

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