Elderly persons

Ice gel 150ml

Menthol gel, relax and cool before and after training, to massage the elderly
44,90 kn

Pepper gel 150ml

Massage gel with heating effect, before training and for areas affected by heating
54,90 kn

Curcumin gel 150ml

Gel for easier body mobility, regenerates worn parts, soothes and cools
64,90 kn

Chestnut gel 150ml

It relaxes, refreshes and cools tired and heavy feet, making them rest and light
44,90 kn

Rich herbal balm 30ml

Intensively and quickly regenerates skin, for skin problems, for the whole family
69,90 kn

Marigold balm 100ml

Extremely rich universal balm for relieving various skin problems
67,90 kn

Universal disinfectant spray 150ml

Ubija 99,9% mikroorganizama na svim površinama, učinkovita koncentracija 70% alkohola
29,90 kn

Universal disinfectant spray DUO 150ml+150ml

Ubija 99,9% mikroorganizama na svim površinama, ekonomično DUO pakiranje
59,80 kn
47,84 kn
  • -20%

Hand sanitizing gel 100ml

Ubija 99,9% mikroorganizama na rukama, bez isušivanja ruku, s njegujućim sastojcima
27,90 kn

Renew hand cream 50ml

Nourishes, protects, softens and prevents aging, lavish lavender scent
39,90 kn

Ultra protective spray against mosquitoes 100ml

S učinkovitim kompleksom STOP MOSQUITO, za odrasle i djecu stariju od 3 godine
69,90 kn
  • NEW

Calming stick for irritated skin 6ml

Trenutno smiruje svrbež i iritaciju nakon uboda insekata, za djecu i odrasle
39,90 kn
  • NEW

Apetit Forte syrup 200ml

It stimulates appetite and facilitates digestibility, for children and adults
63,90 kn

Biolaks syrup 200ml

For easier emptying of bowel at constipation, for children of 1.g, pregnant women ...
67,90 kn

100% Multivitamin syrup 200ml

Contains 100% RDA of 12 vitamins, iron and zinc, only once a day, for children and ...
89,90 kn

Anti wrinkle cream 50+/60+ 40ml

Gorgeous natural botox cream visibly smoothes wrinkles in the 50's and 60's
179,90 kn

Anti spot cream 40ml

Natural cream with a strong effect on freckles, acne spots, melasma
159,90 kn

Medna Rosa 20ml

It removes skin growths efficiently, quickly and painlessly and is applied with a ...
43,90 kn

Nourishing butter for dry skin 150ml

Deep nourishes and moisturizes dry and dandruff skin, perfect for pregnancy care
84,90 kn

Aromatic inhaler 1,5g

Džepni inhalator s eteričnim uljima metvice, eukaliptusa, bora i ravensare
39,90 kn

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