Thymus serpyllum syrup 200ml

Thymus serpyllum syrup 200ml
For immunity, contains beta-glucan, vitamin C and zinc, from the first year, a pleasant apple flavor
7,99 €

Liquid food supplement for children and adults

  • For the immune system
  • Yeast beta-(1,3/1,6)-D-glucan
  • With vitamin C and zinc
  • Pleasant fruity taste

Vitamin C and zinc contribute to the normal function of the immune system.


Beta Glucan, liquid food supplement is recommended to be taken preventively, during an infection or also after an illness in order to help the exhausted organism to recover. It is meant for children already from their first year of life. Next to the bottle there is a dosing cup, which enables a simple and practical application. Children should take it only once a day. It has a pleasant fruity taste.

Natural active ingredients

  • Majčina dušica
  • Vitamin C


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