Ultra protective spray against mosquitoes for kids 100ml

Ultra protective spray against mosquitoes for kids 100ml
With the effective STOP MOSQUITO complex, for children older then 1 year
8,99 €

Effectively protects gentle children's skin from the bites of all types of mosquitoes, for children under 1 year

It contains an effective and reliable 100% natural STOP MOSQUITO complex, with proven action for maximum protection.

It is quickly absorbed and does not leave greasy marks on the skin. He is completely safe for delicate and sensitive children's skin because it does not contain noxious synthetic repellents, DEET, perfumes or synthetic ingredients. Provides extra care and hydration to sensitive baby skin.

The spray is registered, ie entered in the register of the Ministry of Health as a biocidal product with the purpose: protection against mosquitoes. KLASA: UP/I-543-04/20-05/38 URBROJ: 534-07-1/4-20-2

Natural active ingredients

  • Limunski eukaliptus
  • Lavender
  • Mentha
  • Licea
  • Limunska trava


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