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gmp Knowledge, innovation and GMP describe best our determination to produce effective high-quality products. In our work we use science in order to create innovative products that, with their application, help solve problems our customers have regarding their health and beauty. Successfully implemented quality control system, which meets good manufacturing practice requirements, proves that the production is up to par with all required standards.
Dobra Proizvođačka Praksa Here at Biovitalis we have implemented the most rigorous quality control system in the production of cosmetics: it has to do with the ISO 22716:2007 standard, which brings additional requirements of the Good Manufacturing Practice for the production of cosmetics. Speciffic requirements of the ISO 22716:2007 standard include the approval of every line of ingredients that are to be used in production. They also include the approval of every line of products that is to be placed on the market, regular education of employees, administration of internal audits, taking detailed records for every line of product, special treatment of those products that have shown some discrepancy, in order to prevent their distribution, there are procedures for situations where there is a complaint (customer complaint) etc. By ensuring the traceability of every product that leaves the Biovitalis production facilities, we have enabled the maximum transparecy of our business and maximal safety for our consumers.
Laboratorijski kontrolirana kvaliteta Besides the implementation of the Good Manufacturing Practice, we also possess our own laboratory for quality control of all the input materials, as well as all of the ready products. Every produced line of products must pass the final laboratory quality control in order for us to offer only standarized, sanitary and efficient products to our customers.
Hrvatska inovacija-Hrvatski proizvod We are proud of the fact that all of our products are a result of the work of our own team of experts, lead by Ivana Zagorec Kolednjak, mr. pharm. We have implemented the force of nature enriched with innovation and years of experience as a manufacturer. All Biovitalis products are completely croatian products and are created in Turčin, a place near Varaždin.