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Privacy protection

Privacy Protection and Electronic Communication

All the information about our clients that we gather is to be used exclusively for the intended purposes. All the collected personal data (first and last name, e-mail address, delivery address, contact information) is completely protected. All the gathered data is used speciffically for the purpose of conducting business between BIOVITALIS d.o.o. and You, the user of our services. Gathered data is used for a better realization of the business relation, for a better understanding of our clients' needs, or in order to inform our clients about all the benefits, sales and other commercial purposes, as well as for other informing purposes. Collected data will not be made available for a third party, except in situations defined by law. At any time, the user can demand to have his data deleted from the BIOVITALIS d.o.o. client database or to cancel the commercial messages, by sending an e-mail containing an adequate request to the e-mail address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
The customer agrees to the terms that all the communication is to be conducted electronically via e-mail, and is responsible for giving the correct e-mail address for placing an order, for receiving the order confirmation, for receiving information from the delivery service regarding the planned delivery of the ordered goods. BIOVITALIS d.o.o is not responsible if the given e-mail address is incorrect or in case when for some technical reason the settings on the customer's computer won't allow the e-mail to be delivered.

The Right to Breach the Contract

The consumer has the right to end the contract unilaterally according to the regulations of the Consumer protection law, agreeing thereby to all the rights and obligations thereof (deadline, cost of returning the goods, decreased value of the goods, etc.).

Limitation of Use and Responsibility

Documents, data and information published on the web pages may be reproduced, distributed or used in any way for commercial purposes exclusively with the specific permission of the company BIOVITALIS d.o.o..

BIOVITALIS d.o.o. denies any responsibility that can in any way arise from using these web pages.

BIOVITALIS d.o.o. preserves the right to change the content of the web pages without any further notice and will not be responsible for any possible consequences that may arise from these changes. BIOVITALIS d.o.o. has the right to change the assortment and the prices of their products or their services. The company also has the right to change the terms of use, without any further notice.

Feedback Regarding Our Products

BIOVITALIS d.o.o. would very much like to get feedback comments regarding our products, which we would gladly publish on our web site provided that we preserve the right to proofread your comments and to publish them in other commercial materials.

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