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Order and Payment


After you have registered as a user, you can use the services of the BIOVITALIS WEB SHOP. By registering, you agree to to the terms of sale, delivery and the terms of use. In order to register, it is important to enter your e-mail address correctly. The user of the BIOVITALIS WEB SHOP can be any adult person with full business capacity.

The user can buy products at the BIOVITALIS WEB SHOP by selecting their picture or the basic description of the products. The product is ordered electronically, by adding the product to the shopping cart. The product is considered to be ordered as soon as the whole ordering procedure is completed. BIOVITALIS WEB SHOP is availible 24 hours, 7 days a week.

The prices of the products are listed in Croatian kuna (KN) and include value-added tax (PDV). Delivery costs are calculated at the end of the ordering procedure. The user defrays all delivery costs for orders up to 300,00 kuna. For orders above 301,00 kn to be delivered in Republic of Croatia, the delivery cost will be defrayed by BIOVITALIS d.o.o.


Products purchased at the BIOVITALIS WEB SHOP can be payed:

Cash on delivery payment. At delivery of the ordered products, the client pays the price of the products ordered and probably the cost of delivery directly to the delivery company. Internet banking or payment slip, whereby all the information necessary for the payment will be sent to the client's e-mail address. The merchandise will be shipped as soon as the payment is visible on the checking account of the company BIOVITALIS d.o.o.

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