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Delivery and Complaints


Ordered merchandise will be delivered by the delivery service (Overseas Express). The price of the delivery depends on the value of the merchandise ordered: for values of the merchandise ordered up to 300,00 kuna will be defrayed by the client, whereas for the order that costs more than 301,00 kuna, and is to be delivered within the Republic of Croatia, will be defrayed by BIOVITALIS d.o.o.. The client will recieve an e-mail from the delivery service regarding the delivery date of the ordered merchandise and it is the client's responsibility to pick up the package within the time frame set by the delivery service (Overseas Express).

All orders recieved during a working day (Monday-Friday) will be realized immediately, and the package will be delivered no later than within 72 hours, that is, 3 working days. Regarding the orders recieved on Saturday, Sunday and national holidays, the shipment of the package will be arranged the very next working day, and the package will be delivered no later than within 72 hours.

Should we, for some reason, be unable to carry out the delivery of the ordered merchandise, we will notify You via e-mail or telephone.

In case the package isn't delivered within 4 working days after receiving the notification that the package has been shipped, please contact us so we can send You the shipping receipt, which You can use in order to check the status of your package at your local Overseas Express office.

Should You fail to pick up the package on time, we reserve the right to charge the cost of the returning package as well as the cost of resending the same package once more to the desired address.

More about package delivery deadlines regarding islands, please check at

Complaints Regarding the Delivered Products

All products are checked in detail before they are shipped and are delivered undamaged and in good condition. All products are packed inside transportation boxes within their original packaging so that they can arrive to the destination undamaged.

After the delivery, the buyer has the right to return the goods to the seller only if:

  • the merchandise that he did not order is delivered,
  • the expiration date of the merchandise delivered is overdue, and/or
  • the merchandise delivered is faulty or has visible damages.

The buyer has the obligated to check the package for eventual damages during the delivery and file a complaint directly to the delivery person who delivered the package, that is, demand to write a damage report in case the package is being picked up at the local delivery office. In that case, the package is sent back to the seller, and new shippment will be sent to the buyer.

The buyer has the right to return the wrong (products that he did not order) delivered products, damaged products and products with overdue expiration date. The seller will allow the goods to be returned after a mutual agreement (via telephone or via e-mail), provide instructions for the returning procedure, and will send a new shippment to the buyer without any extra costs.

The buyer cannot return those products that have been opened/used.

The deadline for the return of goods is 15 days after receiving the delivery. Complaints are to be sent via e-mail: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

In order for us to authorize the complaint, the product must be returned in its original package, unused and undamaged (unless the reason for the complaint is the damage on the product) together with the original receipt that the buyer received with the purchase. We don't do money refunds, but solely exchange the article for the same one or some other article which has the same value within our line of products.

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